Prypiat – Chernobyl Exclusion Zone before and after disaster

Prypiat was one of the most sophisticated and up-to-date towns in Soviet Union if not the first among other ones



The official date of birth of this town is 4th of February 1970, thus this year it would have celebrated its 51th birthday if people would still be living there. It was designed and built solely for the workers of Chornobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP) simultaneously with the first power production facilities. By the time of catastrophe there lived in Prypiat more than 47 000 inhabitants.



After the evacuation of the population on the 27th of April 1986 Prypiat was officially closed for visitors and former dwellers. They only once were allowed for a few hours to come back to their apartments to collect some belongings and after that this town was abandoned. Only scientists and military still used some of the premises.



Yes, it is permitted but accompanied by official guides. Once you crossed so called “bridge of death” (nobody really died there), you enter a ghost town and move through the Lenin’s avenue up to the main square of Prypiat. There you already can see palace of culture Energetyk, behind which there is an amusement park with fairies wheel. There are many interesting objects in Prypiat, for example, a swimming pool Lazurny, a stadium, a restaurant and a river port.



All former six districts of this town are a home for various birds and animals. One can here meet foxes, elks woodpeckers etc. Do not be afraid of the dangerous wild life for nor bears or wolves are seen here. In other to see all the interesting places in this town you may need a couple of days for it is not possible to see it all in one day.



To be able to go for one or several days trips to the Chornobyl Zone and see this unusual place you just have to be older than 18 years old and stick to the rules which local experienced guides will explain to you. During the ghost town visit they will show you photos how Prypiat looked before the 26th of April 1986 and you could compare those places with their today’s look. It is especially interesting experience from environmental point of view as well: mother nature does its job very quickly and in the summer time one sometimes hardly can notice many stores buildings behind thick bushes and wild trees. Safety measures will all be followed thus ensuring no harm for visitor’s health whatsoever.

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